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Harf International is all about promoting a lifestyle of channeling your energy through sports and martial arts. For years our parent company has perfected the balance between high quality textiles to making protective gear for Moto Racing. And Harf International has combined the best of both worlds with high quality cloth and stitching with technology of protective gear and we have incorporated them both into Harf International where we take our knowledge in both fields and apply it to Combat Sports and Athletics.

We at Harf believe in sourcing the highest quality possible of cotton from the fields of Punjab, leather from the tanneries of Sialkot to imported lycra and polyester for our products which are made in our factory out of United States and in Pakistan.

At Harf our customers are encouraged to customize their products as they see fit, give their own designs, which will then be manufactured into products and shipped to the customer and lower prices than any of our competitors.

We hope to develop a relationship with schools, academies and companies and enable them to source their goods from a trusted partner and help each other grow together.

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